Boost your pension

Take control of your future

It's your pension, and it's up to you to make sure you save enough to give you the lifestyle you want when you stop working.

Doing nothing now could mean you live the life you can afford rather than the life you want in retirement. But you don't have to be a financial expert to take control of your pension.

Pay more, get more

Remember that BT is currently paying in to your pension and you're getting tax benefits from HMRC. This means that even increasing your payments by a small amount, can help towards a better standard of living when you retire.

More about changing your payments

Combine your pensions

Got pensions with different providers? Did you know you may be able to combine them all together in one place? Transferring isn't right for everyone.

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Review your investments

The money you pay into your pension is invested to give it the chance to grow. Understand how investments work and why they're important for your pension.

Get to grips with your investments

Want to be more involved?

If you want even more choice about investing your pension savings, or extra retirement options, you might be able to upgrade your pension.

Move to a different type of pension

Manage your pension online

You don’t have to wait for your yearly pension statement - you can keep in touch with your pension online.

Manage your pension online