• Investment choices

Investment choices

Your investment options

Where your money is invested is up to you. There are choices to suit your level of experience with investing and how involved you want to be with managing your investments.

Option 1: The low-involvement option

Unless you pick another option, this is where your money will be automatically invested when you join the pension. This has been set as the low-involvement option for the scheme by Standard Life following consultation with BT. It is believed to be an appropriate option for most members’ pension plan investments.

Option 2: The core fund range

The core fund range is a small range of investments that you can choose from. This range gives you some choice, but it's easier to handle than the full range of options.

Option 3: Choose your own funds

If you want more choice about where your money is invested you can choose from the full range of investment options. There are choices to suit your level of experience and how involved you want to be.

Investment information for former BTRP members

As well as the options above, you also have access to some extra investment options from Legal and General if you’re a former member of the BTRP.

View the funds for former BTRP members

Things to know about investing

Find out more about investing - from what a fund is, right through to help with choosing which options to invest in.

What are the charges?

The charges on your investments depend on how your funds are managed and what you invest in.