Joining the BTRSS

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Benefits of the BTRSS

You get generous payments from BT on top of your payments. And it's a tax efficient way to save for retirement.

Find out about your choices
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The sooner you start saving, the better

Even saving a little right now could make a big difference when you retire.

Why start now?
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Is the state pension enough?

It might not be enough to cover all the basics, but it could provide some additional income in retirement.

How far does it go?

Helping you save for life after work

BT are committed to helping you save for a better retirement. And the BTRSS is a great way to do this. Not only does it give you access to extra payments towards your pension from BT and a wide range of investment options. Separate to the pension, BT also provides a range of other benefits including life assurance cover. Have a look around this website to find out more about the benefits and options available to you.

Joining - how it works

Most BT employees will be joined automatically to the BTRSS, provided by Standard Life Assurance Limited, as a way to save for retirement.

Find out about your options

A simple guide to pensions

Your pension gives you the chance to grow your savings over time - and, it's not just you who pays into it.

More about company pensions

What your pension could be worth

Will you have enough in your pension to give you the retirement you'd like? The retirement planner is a handy tool that helps you work out what your pension could be worth - and how much you should pay in.

How much will you get?


Your pension is normally a long term investment and you usually can't withdraw money until the age of 55 (may be subject to change). As with any investment, the value can go down as well as up and may be worth less than what was paid in.

Important documents

To help you make an informed decision we've provided you with important information that you should read. You should print or save copies of these documents for future reference.

This is where you will find specific details about BT’s company pension.

Plan summary document for BT employees (PDF, 81KB)

This document explains the features of the pension product your employer has chosen.

Key features document (PDF, 288KB)

This document provides you with more information on how you can take money from your pension flexibly. For more information on the other options available please see the key features document above.

How Drawdown Works (PDF, 211KB)

Read this guide for more information on choosing your investment options if you decide to take money from your pension flexibly.

Choosing investment options for a flexible income (PDF, 119KB)

This document gives you an illustration of what your pension could be worth for BT employees. It may not take into account rebates that may apply to your policy. You can find more information about the charges and rebates on the charges page.

Key features illustration for BT employees (PDF, 114KB)

Read this guide for more information on your investment options, including details about charges and fund codes.

How to choose the right investment options for your pension (PDF, 837KB)

Use this form to instruct Standard Life on payment of death benefits from the BTRSS.

Instruction for payment of death benefits (PDF, 77KB)

Read this guide, provided by BT, for more information about how SMART Pensions work. Standard Life is not responsible for the content of this guide.

SMART Pensions (PDF, 332KB)