• Payment options

Payment options

How much will you pay?

When you become a member of the BTRSS, you’ll pay in a minimum amount from your salary every month. The amount you pay when you first join the pension is 5%.

On top of this you get extra money from BT and tax benefits from the Government.

You can stick with paying the minimum, but you should think about whether paying just the minimum will get you the lifestyle you want when you stop working.

How much will BT pay?

The table below shows your payment options and how much BT will pay in. Remember, if your pensionable salary is less than £18,750, BT guarantees a minimum employer payment of £1,500 each year. This minimum payment will be applied pro-rata for part-time employees or people who leave during the year. You can pay as much as you like up to the Government payment limits.

When joining the BTRSS

You payBT's contributionTotal into pension
5% 8% 13%
6% 8.5% 14.5%
7% or more 9% 16% or more

Transferring from EE

If you are a former EE employee payment rates can be found here.

Step 1: How does this add up for you?

The calculator can also show you how increasing your payments by a small amount can mean a big increase in the extra money BT will pay into your pension.

Step 2: How much will it get you in retirement?

Once you’ve decided how much to pay in you can use our handy tool to see what your pension could be worth - and how much income you could get each year in retirement.

See what your pension could be worth

Step 3: Change your payments

Once you’re in the BTRSS, it’s easy to change your payments online.

Check your pension's progress

The retirement planner is a handy tool that helps you work out what your pension could be worth - and how much you should pay in.

Use our retirement planner